How To Make More Money And Build Massive Wealth


How To Make More Money And Build Massive Wealth

Did you know that a major part of the equation of financial success is the ability to take advantage of investment opportunities?

Wealth building is contingent on taking advantage of investment opportunities. This is because true wealth is dependent on your assets generating income for you without your labor.

You are wealthy when your financial livelihood is no longer contingent on earned income. A person is defined as wealthy when their passive income pays for their expenses. This is financial independence.

First let me help your understanding about how income is generated, the pros and cons of each. Basically there are four ways to generate income.

4 Ways To Generate Income

1. Earned Income
Earned income is any income that is generated by working. Your salary or money made from hourly employment (regardless of whether that salary or hourly income came from working for someone else or from your own company) is considered earned income. Earned Income is income from a job. The down side is that earning stops when work stops. Never allow your income to depend solely on your personal effort. This is because you can never create wealth depending on your personal effort alone without leveraging on other people’s effort. Leverage is a vital ingredient of wealth creation.

2. Portfolio income
Portfolio income is any income generated by selling an investment at a higher price than you paid for it. Some people refer to portfolio income as capital gains. Portfolio Income is income from paper assets or capital gains.

3. Passive Income
Passive income is money you get from assets you have purchased or created. Passive income is generally recurring income; once the investment is made, and assuming it is a good investment, the income will continue to come in month after month or year after year, with little or no additional work by you. Passive Income is income that comes in on a regular basis. It could be royalty from books or teaching programs.



Most people start their wealth building process by generating earned income as an employee, and then convert their earned income into the other types of income as efficiently as possible.

Wealth creation involves the building of assets by means of careful investment, usually over a long period of time so as to achieve an income stream that will ensure a continuation of a high-quality lifestyle in the years beyond retirement.

Wealth is cash flow from other sources; it is an income stream. It is your money working for you that makes you wealthy. To become wealthy, your task is to acquire money and then put it into an investment. You must make your money work for you, thereby making more money for you.

Now let me introduce you to one investment opportunity, which has huge potential to generate passive income and make more money for you.

The AGAM Investment Opportunity

Atlantic Global Asset Management is a leading asset management company that is offering people opportunity to make extra income-passive income. The company offers to investors around the world a unique opportunity to realize their financial dreams and visions through an investment strategy known as crowd funding.

Atlantic Global Asset Management (AGAM) is a registered company with headquarters in Cape Verde. The company was founded in 2009 as SFG Group and was later registered in the British Virgin Islands as QUESTRA HOLDINGS INC in 2013. AGAM was issued Certificate of Good Standing.

There are 11 different portfolios, where you will surely find a model that is suitable to your investment need. They range from the “White” package, in which the small investor can invest as little as € 90, up to the “VIP Platinum” package for € 500,000. As you would expect, the level of profitability depends on the amount invested.

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Some examples:

If you bought a € 2,430 package, you will have a guaranteed income of € 131.25 per week – € 525.00 per month and € 6,299 in twelve months.

The high side of the business opportunity is that you are not required to:
1. Make sales
2. Sponsor anyone
3. Pay monthly fees
4. Buy monthly auto ship.
Yet you earn passive income every Friday between 4%-6% growth on your money weekly, which you can withdraw or reinvest. The portfolio expires after 365 days.
Every investor gets contract documents. And all investments are insured.

Business Areas
1. Purchasing and selling debentures by buying insolvent companies and later selling them for higher profits.
2. Offering financial support to licensed start-up companies on the stock market for profits.
3. Buy and sell real estate deals.
4. Trading on the IPO market.

How to Get Started
Step 1 – Sign Up
You would need to register online to join. Click this link to sign up now for a change of financial story. Register with your telephone number and then a password is sent to your mobile phone. With your password complete the sign up process and login to your back office (Personal Office). Add your profile information; send the necessary documentation for account verification.

Please note: You do not have to wait for the account to be verified to move on to the second step.

Step 2 – Buy a Portfolio
Select your portfolio of choice for a transformed financial life. Once you have purchased the package, you can turn on or turn off the Insurance option.untitledhh

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Step 3 – Your Earnings
All you will need to do from now on is just wait for Friday evenings to receive payments. You do not have to do anything else. Your earnings will be reported via SMS and E-mail.

Watch this video.

And then this:

To Your Prosperity
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