My name is Sharon Akinoluwa, the President of Wealth and Riches International, a dynamic Christian ministry that is committed to empowering the world for business and financial exploits.

I’m a gifted teacher of Biblical principles of economics. I have the God given mandate to teach scriptural  principles of wealth creation and business success.

I live in Lagos Nigeria, a husband to a great wife-  Bunmi, a father to beautiful and, no doubt wonderful children–Erioluwa, Ibuyooluwa and Aseoluwa.

I also devoted my life to Jesus Christ many years ago, and He remains my true priority, focus, and hope.

My vision and passion is to see people live in financial freedom- and this I hope to realize through this blog.

Wealth and Riches is a Christian blog that is committed to solving business and financial problems for individuals and corporate organizations by making relevant and vital information available on wealth creation, peak performance and business success.

My forte is in providing Biblical principles for true and lasting prosperity. The Bible is the greatest business and personal finance book out there and if you follow its principles you will not only be financially rich, but spiritually rich as well.

In line with my  belief that true and lasting prosperity must impact upon the total man, I have therefore chosen to explore the total man concept in my approach to providing solutions.

I welcome you, as you join my community.  Please do have a  great and impactful time as you surf this site.


To your financial and business success


Sharon Akinoluwa